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Join today and experience engaging temporary exhibitions, community connecting events and inspiring educational programming. Membership will continue to give you special benefits throughout the year while helping your Museum to remain an outlet for creativity, interaction and reflection for all in our community.


> Free admission to OMA exhibitions 
> Free OMA gift admissions passes to share with family and friends*
> Free admission to 75+ reciprocal museums**
> Free admission to the monthly 1st Thursdays
> 10% discount in the Museum Shop 
> Up to 30% discount on adult and youth programs 
> Free admissions to Exhibition Opening Receptions
> Free subscription to the OMA eNews


* Vary by level
**Some restrictions may apply with reciprocal admission. Please call the reciprocal museum ahead of travel to ensure admission availability.

Individual Memberships $55

Join today and you can enjoy all the benefits listed above including one OMA gift admission pass.

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Membership Discounts

Join for two years and receive a $10 discount

Seniors 65+ receive a $10 discount on the Individual & Dual/Family levels
Students & Educators receive a $15 discount on the Individual & Dual/Family levels

To redeem, call 407.896.4231 ext. 292 or email:

Dual/Family Membership $80

Enjoy all the benefits above with another person and children, or grandchildren, under 18. PLUS:

> Free OMA gift admissions passes (2) to share with family and friends

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Contributing Membership $125

Enjoy all the benefits of a Dual/Family Member PLUS:

> Free admission to the North American Reciprocal Museum Program*
> Annual recognition on OMA’s website
> Free OMA gift admissions passes (4) to share with family and friends

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Supporting Membership $250

Enjoy all the benefits of a Contributing Member PLUS:

> Free admission to the North American Reciprocal Museum Program*
> Annual recognition on OMA’s website
> Free OMA gift admissions passes (5) to share with family and friends

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Sustaining Membership $500

Enjoy all the benefits of a Supporting Member PLUS:

> Free admission to the North American Reciprocal Museum Program*
> Annual recognition on OMA’s website and in the OMA calendar
> Free OMA gift admissions passes (6) to share with family and friends

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$1,000 - $25,000+


Joining the Orlando Museum of Art as an Ambassador does a lot more than just help sustain one of Florida’s leading visual art venues. It also gives you a real place in the arts community and a tangible piece of our cultural legacy. This is about way more than just talking about your support of the arts. It’s about owning it.

Enjoy all the benefits of the Sustaining level PLUS:

> Public Recognition
> Reciprocal Museum Privileges
> Priority Access to the Corporate Art Lease Program
> Museum Facility Rental Privileges
> VIP Tours of Featured Exhibitions with Preferred Seating at Lectures
> Free OMA Membership and Guest Passes to Share
> And More Exclusive Benefits that Vary by Level

Ambassador gifts are tax deductible as a charitable contribution. For more information, please contact the Development Department at 407.896.4231 ext. 235


Membership Recognition

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ABC Fine Wine & Spirits - Robert D. Summers*
Dr. and Mrs. George E. Andreae*
Bank of America - Central Florida
Reid Berman
Carolyn Kraft Bethel*
Ted and Ruthanne Brown*
The Bond Foundation, Inc.
Cynthia Brumback*
Council of 101
CNL Charitable Foundation - Luder G. Whitlock*
Central Florida Foundation
O'Ann and Pat Christiansen*
Carl L. Croft, MD
Bob and Bonnie Davis
DAC Bond
Susan Day
Bruce Douglas*
Betty and Ted Eidson
Janet and Tom Elrod
Dr. Robert B. Feldman*
Susan and Randolph Fields
Ucola and Bill Forness*
Greater Orlando Aviation Authority - Carolyn M. Fennell*
Steve Goldman Charitable Foundation*
Dr. Matt Gay
Glen Gentele and Shannon Fitzgerald
Phyllis R. Goodblatt
Gene and Inge Gross
Harriett's Charitable Trust
Heller Brothers Packing Corporation - Harry H. Falk 
Holland & Knight LLP - Laura and Ben Subin*
Hunter Vision
Hyatt Regency Orlando
Susan Hamilton 
Gene Hays
Ed Herbst*
Donna and Joel Huey
Insurance Office of America
Johnson & Johnson
Ginger and Gary Kane* 
Audrey and Pat Knipe*
Henrietta and Marc Katzen
Richard and Martha Kessler
Eva Krzewinski
Little Diversified Architectural Consulting - James and Raquel Hair 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Lee
Dr. and Mrs. John Lehr
Nancy P. Lewis
Martin Andersen-Gracia Andersen Foundation
The Chesley G. Magruder Foundation, Inc.
Massey Services Inc. - Anthony L. Massey* 
Mrs. and Mr. Carolyn M. Martin*
Francille MacFarland
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Mahaffey
Ed Manning and Joan Ruffier
Francine and Neil Newberg*
Orlando Health - Andrew J. Snyder*
Jane and Bill Oatway
Dr. Ron and Nina Oppenheim
Publix Super Markets Charities
PNC Foundation - Joseph Vetter*
Diane and Phil Reece
Gary M. Rosen
R. J. Santomassino*
SunTrust Foundation - Shari Bartz*
State of Florida - Division of Cultural Affairs
Sam Flax Art & Design Supplies
Seretta Construction, Inc.
Sally and Jack Schott
The Honorable Winifred J. Sharp and Mr. Joel H. Sharp, Jr.*
Nicholas J. St. George* 
Jan and Daisy Staniszkis
Genie and Bob Stine
Rod R. Sweet
Dona and Fred Tannler
TESLA Orlando
Cynthia Tomlinson
University of Central Florida SVAD
Kathryn C. Ustler
Patricia Vig
Walt Disney World Co. - Rena Langley* 
Water Oak Advisors, LLC*
T. Picton Warlow, IV
Sue and Joe Warren, M.D.
Pam and Matthew Weber*
The Williams Family Foundation*
Len and Marilyn Williams
Bill and Suzy Wilson 
Gail and Michael Winn*
* = Board of Trustee

Sustaining Members

Mrs. Patricia A. Schwartz
Mr. Andrew York
Jess Bailes
Ms. Dianna Whetsell

Supporting Members

Mr. Michael Szilagyi
Mr. and Mrs. C. Allen Amos
Ms. Nan McCormick
Drs. David T. Smuckler and Maxine C. Tabas
Mr. John Starling
Tracy S. Stein
Mr. Jeffrey Fisher
Mrs. Carolyn L. Bosserman
Ms. Maria Rubin
Mr. and Mrs. Ellwood F. Whitchurch
Ms. Deborah Randall
Dr. and Mrs. Ademola Adewale
Mr. Andrew J. Snyder
Ms. Elizabeth Mallicote and Mr. William Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Sorenson

Contributing Members

Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Francisco
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Simon
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Willis
Lorraine Mount and Patrick Mount
Mr. Jason A. Parker
Mr. Michael T. Randall
Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Houck
Ms. Maria Murphy
Mrs. Annette Deborah Harting
Ms. Maria Saterbo
Brandon Hixson
Stacie Goodwin-Kelly
Ms. Kathryn S. Nyros
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Hazama
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Van Gelder
Mr. and Mrs. Roger B. Gooden
Ms. Jacquelyn Adams
Toni Dolphin
Mr. Hector Ortiz-Cintron
Audrey Mihacy
Ms. Jean Keyes
Dr. Egberto Almenas and Mrs. Maria A. Pino
Mr. Van Richardson
Mr. Robert Peralta
Ms. Laura Zavodney
Elmo Ramos, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David Nissen
Ms. Heidi D. Naidamast and Mr. Todd Zelnick
Carol Ramirez
Ms. Judy Toth
Mr. and Mrs. Michael V. Hammond
Ms. Donna L. Howell
Micheal Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Larry L. Stutsman
Ms. Anne Rogers
Heidi Findlay
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Starling
Alexandra Vonhawk
Mr. Thomas L. Scelza and Miss Janene Scelza
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Mudra
Dr. Stacy Tanner
Brenda Barfield
Jackie Brockington
Ms. Chen So Yeon
Mrs. Ruth A. McClure
Mrs. Virginia W. Poe
Mr. and Mrs. Roger O. Gatlin
Mr. Gary D. Herrell
Mrs. Jacqueline P. Keith
Mrs. Joan W. Strickland
Mrs. Tracy Wosaba
Mr. Jose Camargo Tolosa
Mr. Toby J. Sullivan
Mr. Guillaume Labelle
Ms. Krista M. Ginter
Mr. Marvin Phillips and Mr. Fritz Stinebaugh
Mrs. Jennifer A. Kusiak
Mr. and James W. Goodrich
Ms. Ruth A. Courney
Mrs. Ila A. Clontz
Mr. and Mrs. Mark P. Lang
Ms. Kimberly S. Gren
Mrs. Allison Danielsen
Mrs. Sharon K. Wissert
Mr. Jonathan C. Busdeker
Ms. Constance Gibb
Scott Armstrong
Mrs. Bette W. Jore
Mr. and Mrs. Graham White
Mrs. Mary Anne Ciavatta
Dr. Kimberly Kilgore and John Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Graney, Jr.
Tim Lloyd-Morgan
James Dixon
Mr. Paul B. Haugh
Edwin D. Rodriguez
Phil R. Hoffman
Ms. Minter Byrd
Dr. Eli Porth
Ms. Leslie J. Temmen
Ms. Ralphine Ippoliti
Andrea Elukovich and Den Ardinger
Mrs. Edythe C. Riesinger
Ms. Lezlie Laws
Mr. David T. Rezak and\ Mrs. Tanya Rezak
Dr. and Mrs. Leonard S. Dreifus
Pamela N. Cantor
Marwan Koleilat
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Heller
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Denner
Mrs. Elisabeth Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Scott
Col. and Mrs. Charles E. Kent
Dr. and Mrs. Steven E. Bott
Ms. Vivien Monaco
Mr. Richard Hunter
Kathy Stutzman
Mr. Tim J. Nash