Board of Trustees

The Orlando Museum of Art is recognized for having top corporate CEOs and community leaders on its Board of Trustees, providing OMA with guidance from the strongest leadership in Central Florida. The Museum’s current Board consists of the following members: 

Mark Elliott
Lance Walker, Jr.
Amelia McLeod
Robert Summers
Andrew Snyder
Kathy Cardwell
Nancy Wolf
Michael Winn
MaryBeth Brown (Ex-Officio)
Sharon Line Clary

Earl Crittenden Jr.
Nell Robinson Gonzalez
Chase Heavener
Eric Hornbacher (Ex-Officio)
Jen O’Mara
Cathryn Mattson (Ex-Officio)
Richard Pengelly
George Poelker (Ex-Officio)
Regina Rabitaille
Lisa Sheppard (Ex-Officio)
Daisy Staniszkis

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