Board of Trustees

Chairman of the Board
Francine Newberg

Immediate Past Chairman of the Board
A. William Forness

Ted R. Brown
Patrick T. Christiansen
Bruce Douglas
Patrick J. Knipe
Carolyn Martin
Tony Massey
Amelia McLeod
R.J. Santomassino
Winifred J. Sharp
Nicholas St. George
Ben Subin
Luder Whitlock

Leslie Andreae (Ex-Officio)
Shari Bartz
Carolyn Bethel (Ex-Officio)
Cynthia Brumback
Carolyn M. Fennell
Ed Herbst (Ex-Officio)
Nancy Sedacca (Ex-Officio)
Rena Langley
Zakir Odhwani
Sibille Hart Pritchard
Andrew Snyder
Daisy Staniszkis
Robert Summers
T. Picton Warlow IV
Michael Winn
Nancy Wolf 

Director and Chief Executive Officer

Glen Gentele

Counselors to the Board

Holland & Knight