Forward to 100

With the retirement of Marena Grant Morrisey as Executive Director in 2012 and the hiring of Glen Gentele as the new Director and CEO, a seminal changing of the guard took place at the Orlando Museum of Art. It became apparent that it was time for the Board of Trustees and the community to take a fresh and unencumbered look at the Orlando Museum of Art. A prior Strategic Plan had now run its course. The Director and Board of Trustees were looking for the next big thing that would energize the community and the Museum’s supporters. Interestingly, this new awakening occurred as the Museum was turning ninety years old and on the horizon was its centennial year. A perfect time to reach back and see where we have been, take stock of where we are and to look “Forward to 100” to see where it is we should aspire to go.

This report is the culmination of that effort. A Strategic Plan, yes. But more than that, it is an effort to not only draw upon the historic legacy for which we can be justifiably proud, but to provide inspiration to all who believe in the Museum and its place in the community; to provide motivation to move forward and make the Orlando Museum of Art into a truly remarkable 21st century museum that proudly bears the international brand of Orlando in the third largest state in the United States. When considered in that context, the idea of “Forward to 100” states the big idea and this report is intended to inform your understanding of what that means.

Ted R. Brown
Strategic Planning Committee


To see a copy of the strategic plan report, download the PDF below:

To see a video presentation of Forward to 100 that highlights our strategic plan, please visit this YOUTUBE LINK »

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