Circulars art

Year: 20th century

Style: Kuba

Origin: Democratic Republic of Congo

Medium: Cowries, glass beads, fabric, raffia

Size: 9 x 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 in.

Accession Number: 2005.64

Gift of William D. and Norma Canelas Roth

Womans Headdress

African, Unknown

Part of the African Art Collection

2005-64, headdress, cowrie shells, yellow

This headdress is called a mpaan. It is adorned with many cowrie shells and glass beads, which is a rich display of title and status among the Kuba people. This headdress is part of the regalia of a senior titled woman. It is most often displayed on the body of the deceased at funerals.
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