Circulars art

Year: 2008-2013

Medium: c-print

Size: Sizes vary

​Full credit line: (top to bottom, left to right): Zachary Drucker & Rhys Ernst, Relationship, #1 (This is the First Picture), 2008, c-print, edition 2/10, 10 x 13 in.; Zachary Drucker & Rhys Ernst, Relationship, #11 (Palindromes), 2008, c-print, edition 2/10, 18 3/5 x 14 in.; Zachary Drucker, Relationship, #23 (The Longest Day of the Year), 2011, c-print, edition 7/10, 13 3/10 x 20 in.; Zachary Drucker & Rhys Ernst, Relationship, #17, 2010, c-print, edition 2/10, 12 x 16 in.; Zachary Drucker, Relationship, #35 (Pygmalion), 2013, c-print, edition 3/10, 24 x 36 in.; Zachary Drucker, Relationship, #33, 2010, c-print, edition 4/10, 7 x 10 in. Purchased with funds provided by the Charles E. Meiner Acquisition Trust Endowment Fund. © Drucker. Image courtesy of Luis De Jesus, Los Angeles.

Zackary Drucker Collage

Zackary Drucker (American, b.1983)

Part of the New Acquisitions

Drucker collage-01

About Zackary Drucker

Zachary Drucker is an artist who breaks down the way we think about gender, sexuality and seeing. Her participatory art works complicate established binaries of viewer and subject, insider and outsider, and male and female in order to create a complex image of the self. Relationship is a series of intimate snapshots taken by Zackary Drucker and Rhys Ernst that depicts the arc of their real-life love story, and coincides with the experimental, semi-autobiographical film that they created together, “SHE GONE ROGUE.” In the film, the relationship is hinted at; in the photographs, it is underscored. In a New York Times preview of the 2014 Whitney Biennial, Carol Vogel describes Relationship as “an especially provocative photographic diary [that] chronicles the couple’s five-and-a-half year relationship, in which one transitioned from female to male, and the other from male to female. Until now, this had been a private journal.”