Circulars art

Year: 2009

Medium: single channel video

Size: (running time 8:09 minutes)

Purchased with funds provided by the Acquisition Trust. © Kate Gilmore. Image courtesy of the artist.

Blood From a Stone

Kate Gilmore (American, b.1975)

Part of the New Acquisitions

Gilmore, blood from a stone, 2016-85

About Kate Gilmore

Kate Gilmore is a performance and video artist. For each work, she creates a set and carries out a series of actions that lead to a conclusion. When finished the set has been transformed in some way by her performance. After the event is over and the set cleared the video stands as a lasting record of an otherwise transient work of art. In Blood From a Stone, Gilmore lifts 10 one-foot cubes of solid plaster onto shoulder-high shelves. The blocks weigh 75 pounds apiece, and as Ms. Gilmore manages to heave each into place, wet paint on the shelf splatters and drips down the wall. As she goes on the work becomes more and more difficult until she can barely manage the last block. The resulting work, a row of white cubes and paint drips on a grey wall, recalls the austere abstract sculptures of 1960s era Minimalism. Is Gilmore mocking the revered, ultra-serious and mostly male artists of that period? There is an absurd humor in Gilmore’s frumpy famine outfit and her intent physical struggle to place each block correctly in place.