Circulars art

Medium: resin, steel wire, aluminum mesh

Size: 96 x 72 x 36 in.

Gift of the artist, 2019.10


Mira Lehr

Part of the Recent Acquisition Highlights

Lehr, coriolis, 2019-10

The mysteries of nature are the subject matter of Mira Lehr’s work. Juxtaposing abstract and natural elements she combines unconventional materials to create free form assemblages. This work references the Coriolis Effect which is caused by the earth’s rotation and induces the oceans and atmosphere to move in circular currents.

About Mira Lehr

Mira Lehr is an eco-feminist artist from Miami whose career spans four decades. Her nature-based imagery encompasses painting, design, sculpture and video installations. Lehr’s processes include non-traditional media such as resin, gunpowder, fire, Japanese paper, dyes and welded steel.

Lehr has affected a new generation of young artists by serving as a mentor and collaborator. She has taught master classes with the National Young Arts Foundation and has been artist in residence at the Bascom Summer Programs.

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