Art on the Go!

Are you looking for programs that treat seniors as adults? Do you search for intriguing programming that can stimulate your residents? If you answered yes, then Art on the Go! is what you need! It’s fun, easy to present, and encourages group discussion. Initiated in 1998, Art on the Go! (formerly titled Art’s the Spark) is for senior adults living in congregate living sites unable to travel to the museum. It uses art reproductions and hands-on objects as a way to connect to lifetime experiences, social issues, and to stimulate personal memories as a part of lifelong learning activities. Art on the Go! creates a positive, communal experience that gives older adults the opportunity to appreciate art and share memories together. Please call 407.896.4231, ext. 262 for more information about a presentation at your site or a low-cost rental of this popular outreach program. Rent a program for 10 days for $20 or a museum staff-trained educator can come to your facility and present the program for $50. What does a program include?
  • $20 for 10 business days, including the day the program is picked up.
  • A themed packet of 5 or more 18” x 22” laminated fine art reproductions — The art reproductions are used as images to connect to personal memories, not as art historical references
  • A complete user’s guide with follow-up activities — You don’t have to know anything about art to use the program
  • A selection of related props — antique clothing, photographs, music, and fragrances, all chosen to trigger memories and responses
  • A short 30-minute video — optional, passive learning experience offered to enhance the program
Art on the Go! Programs:
  • Encourage reminiscences
  • Connect to lifetime experiences
  • Promote lifelong learning activities
  • Treat seniors as adults
The subject of each program relates to the experiences of the senior population and can be presented as a series or stand alone: Pastimes, Lifestyles, Portraits, Landscapes, Fashion 101, Art Detectives, Close Encounters with the Third Dimension, and Fantasy. Overview of Programs Programs come with art historical information as well as activity suggestions and is designed to use fine art as a catalyst to discussion and reminiscing. The themes listed below are only suggestions. Pastimes: What was your favorite hobby? Scenes of croquet, horse races, community fairs and baseball games are the perfect springboard to discussion. Lifestyles: What did you do for a living? Did you have several professions? From high style Sunday outfits to workers overalls, look at pictures and hands-on props that remind participants of lifestyles. Portraits: Does every face have a story? Can you tell about character, personality, and mood just by looking carefully? See portraits from all ages and learn their life stories. Landscapes: Where did you vacation? Where would you like to vacation? Take a vicarious trip looking at these fabulous places without leaving Central Florida! Fashion 101: How did famous artists create their fine works? What tools did they use? Discover the tricks of the artists as you see an overview of American art from the 18th century to the present. Art Detectives: Not all artists used paint and canvas. Some artists fool the eye with their masterful techniques. See a variety of works by 20th century artists using printing, symbols, and even fingerprints in their works. Close Encounters with the Third Dimension: What makes sculpture so special? What materials do sculptors use? Examine the works of some of the great artists of all times: Michelangelo, Rodin, Moore, Calder and Oldenburg. Fantasy in Art: Does all art have to look realistic or can some of it be fantastic? Do colors affect the mood of a painting? Is there room for humor in art? Walk on the wild side and examine fantasy in art. All program materials must be returned to the museum by 2 pm on the day they are due. The museum is open Tuesday through Friday from 10am–4pm, and from 12–4pm on Saturdays and Sundays. There will be a $10 late fee for each day that the materials are not returned. NOTE: All materials are subject to a replacement fee if lost or damaged.Please see Replacement Cost to the right of each item on the inventory list included with each program.
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