Art with Purpose

The Orlando Museum of Art is proud to present Art with Purpose in partnership with the Zebra Coalition, a local non-profit organization that provides services for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth ages 13 – 24. The program offers the Zebra youth weekly art workshops that relate to topics of identity. Each youth is provided with a visual journal in which he or she creates his or her work.

The process of art journaling allows the youth to engage in a progressive internal dialogue whose tone develops each week. At the conclusion of each session, the youth are asked to share their work with the group—a conversation that is overseen by a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. The objective of the program is to provide engaging art programming that offers opportunities for self-development and self-improvement.

In addition to the weekly studio program, youth from the Zebra Coalition visit local art museums and exhibit in gallery shows throughout the year. The program receives support from the United Arts of Central Florida, host of and

The program is overseen by David Matteson, Associate Curator of Education and Outreach. For more information on the program, email

For more information on the Zebra Coalition, please visit