Dr. P. Phillips Foundation Gallery


The World in My Eyes: Creative Connections Summer Show
Exhibition dates: July 5 – July 30

The OMA is proud to present a program that works with those with developmental and learning disabilities and those on the autism spectrum. This show features artwork created by artists of all ages in response to various works throughout the galleries—including Will Cotton’s delicious paintings and Nick Cave’s imaginative Soundsuit.

Constructing Creativity: Art’s the Spark Summer Show
Exhibition dates: August 5 – September 18

Through interactive tours of the Museum’s collection, this program gives those with memory impairment, or any neurological impairment, and their caregiver’s an expressive outlet. Participants engage in a studio activity following their tour. This show features work created by participants in response to the color and construction of sculpture, the final products were then photographed to capture the effective illusions of assembled space. In response to Dawn Roe’s Mountainfield Study, which is featured in the Florida Prize 2016, artists used mixed materials to investigate assemblage and landscape.

Art with Purpose
Exhibition dates: September 23 – October 23

This program offers weekly art workshops at the Zebra Coalition, a local non-profit that works with at-risk LGBT+ youth. This exhibition will serve as an introduction to this new outreach program and feature art created by participants, ages 13 – 24. The program receives funding from the United Arts of Central Florida.

Community Connections
Exhibition dates: October 28 – December 11

In partnership with the Orlando Science Center and Orlando Shakespeare Theater, this program provides adults on the autism spectrum with access to science and art. Each month, participants visit one of the Loch Haven entities and execute experiments, contemplate creativity or design dramaturgy. Artwork in this show was completed at the Community Connections meeting on September 27.

Creative Cravings
Exhibition dates: December 16 – January 15

This exhibition features work created in this monthly teen workshop offered to those seeking an extra helping of creativity in their lives. Each month, high school aged artists investigate artwork in the galleries, learn about careers in the humanities or explore contemporary museum practice. After discussing these themes, participants create works in direct response to the overall dialogue. This show was curated by the teens as part of the December 10 workshop, Narrative Tableaux: The Fine Art of Visual Storytelling.


Art’s the Spark
Exhibition dates: January 20 – March 19

Creative Connections
Exhibition dates: March 24 – May 21

Art with Purpose
Exhibition dates: May 26 – July 16

Art’s the Spark
Exhibition dates: July 21 – September 24

Creative Connections

Exhibition dates: September 29 – November 12

Teen Workshop (Name TBD)
Exhibition dates: Nov. 17 – January 7

**Dates are subject to change. Please call 407.896.4231 ext. 261 for more information.

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