Family ArtReach

​Family ArtReach is held at the Women’s Residential & Counseling Center (WRCC)

January - May, 2017

The needs of homeless children extend beyond the realm of essentials such as nutritious meals and safe shelter. Children also need help improving their emotional health, reaching age-appropriate development milestones, forwarding their education, increasing their self-esteem and overcoming crime victimization. To help meet these many and complex needs, the Orlando Museum of Art partners with the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida to offer the ArtReach program.

ArtReach delivers multifaceted arts enrichment programming for children and families living at the Coalition for the Homeless. The program consists of instructor guided studio art classes and workshops delivered at the Women and Children’s Resource Center at the Coalition and the Museum plus five interactive tours of exhibitions at the Museum. ArtReach operates on the school year calendar from August to April and is free for all participants to attend.

ArtReach delivers more than 100 hours of interactive studio art classes and Museum tours:

  • 10 Instructor-guided, Family Night studio art classes on select weekdays (2 hours / class)
  • 6 Instructor-guided, Sunday afternoon studio art classes (2 hours / class)
  • 10 Three-day-long, instructor-guided, project-themed studio art workshops. Tuesday – Thursday evenings, 2 hours per day. (6 hours / workshop)
  • 4 Studio art workshops taught by visiting artists (2 hours/workshop)
  • 5 Family field trips to the Museum on select Saturday mornings (2 hour interactive tours)

Additionally, participating children will receive a free art supply bag containing a sketchbook, pencil, eraser, watercolor paint set, and watercolor paper. ArtReach has been in existence since 2007 and serves approximately 400 children and 50 adults per year. The program provides a special atmosphere where homeless children and their parents may lower their guard for several hours each week and enjoy being inventive and playful as they learn about and create original art. Studio art class and workshop activities include clay sculpture, print making, drawing, painting and collage.

ArtReach sessions provide participants with a creative outlet and safe environment for the expression of feelings. The art-making activities within the program develop lifelong learning skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving and patience. Successful completion of art projects also builds self-esteem and confidence in youth participants. The program provides child residents at the Coalition with a rare opportunity for privacy and reflection time, two valuable commodities which are not easy to come by due to the nature of their living arrangements within the facilities. As a result, engagement in ArtReach helps reduce the level of stress in child participants. Furthermore, the ArtReach program instructors serve as positive role models who encourage constructive communication among participants. Group discussions inspire the development of positive relationships among participants. Program attendees deepen their capacities to feel and express compassionate empathy for one another.

Family ArtReach year is sponsored by:

  • Joe & Sarah Galloway Foundation
  • Rooms to Go Foundation