Writing in the Galleries

Select days, 10am-12pm

Writing Flash Fiction in the Galleries with Scottie Campbell

How can visual art stimulate memories of our life’s experiences? Then, how do we best capture the recollections that arise?Discover connections between the visual and literary arts through this series of writing workshops held in the galleries. In this program led by writer Scottie Campbell, students will explore flash fiction in relation to the Museum’s exhibitions of contemporary photography. Flash fiction is a work of brevity and clarity, often these works are between 100 and 1000 words. Whether you are a longform novelist or a concise blogger, any writer will benefit from the lessons of flash fiction. At each session, students will learn the stories behind the art on view, and then respond to a writing prompt. Students will have access to the galleries during nonpublic hours to encourage thoughtful reflection.

Scottie Campbell is an aspiring kind person and multipotentialite who is probably happiest when stringing words together in a meaningful way, which he has done for print and stage. His writings have appeared in Orlando Sentinel, Orlando Weekly, Books & Beyond, and he has been a contributor to Watermark for over two decades. His plays Sindeyrella, A Midnight Snack With Tom & Vincent, and Here and There have been produced on Orlando stages. A chapter of his micro-lit project Storied Orlando appears in each issue of Bungalower Zine.


September 14
September 28


Season Tuition: $40, Museum Members receive a 10% discount on season tuition

Individual Sessions: $25 each

Call 407.896.4231 ext. 262 or email education@omart.org to register or use the link below.


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