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07 // 20 // 2022

In-Focus: Hiromi Moneyhun

Starts July 20, 2022 @ 1:30pm , Ends July 20, 2022 @ 2:30pm

Weekly tours focus on a different artist featured in The Florida Prize in Contemporary Art. Check the calendar to learn which artist will be discussed each week. For July 20, we will be highlighting Hiromi Moneyhun. Free with paid gallery admission. Pre-registration is encouraged.


Paper-cut artist Hiromi Moneyhun moved to Jacksonville, Florida, in 2004 from her hometown of Kyoto, Japan. She begam drawing at a young age, and by her teen years she had already developed a style of her own. With no formal training, Hiromi has developed a unique homegrown artistic voice that combines traditional Japanese visual art forms with the super-modernity now found in al of Japan's biggest cities. The art of cutting paper into intricate shapes, patterns, and pictoral designs carries a long history across many cultures, from China to Mexico, India to Sweden, and beyond. Responding specifically to the tradition of Kiri-e, or Japanese paper cutting, Hiromi Moneyhun uses an exacting method to product hand-cut paper works of astounding complexity and rich detail.

The characters in Moneyhun's compositions- humans, caterpillars, moths, and other creatures- are often shifted in scale with exaggerated features, resulting in images that appear as fantastical revelations from another world, even when that world is one that we all know well- for example, one with large buildings, albeit large buildings occupied by equally large women. Themes of transformation and femininity underpin Moneyhun's works, which often feature the artist's daughter as model. Her pieces invite the viewer in; indeed, one feels compelled to reach out and touch the images. Moneyhun's works are best appreciated when viewed in person.


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