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TIA Method Journaling Workshop

June 16, 2018 @ 1:00pm to June 16, 2018 @ 4:00pm

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Instructed by Lezlie Laws

June 16 / 1-4 pm

The TIA Method is a daily practice for seeing more of the goodness all around us and in us. It is not a trick or a wish or a hack or a vague hope—it’s a dedicated practice for seeing and experiencing the extraordinary beauty of the world.

The TIA Method (Thank-Intend-Ask) offers a practice for inviting happiness, groundedness, and personal accomplishment into your life. The great wisdom traditions have long advocated the value of gratitude as both a spiritual and an ethical practice. Modern sciences now affirm the benefits of cultivating gratitude and positive thinking as a way to re-frame our attitude about and response to experience. What we are delivering here is old news—ancient traditions wrapped up in contemporary scientific insight.

Students will receive a 30-day TIA Journal where they will record their gratitude journey. The journal also includes space for a visual response—drawing, collage, or painting. In this workshop, we will explore various writing and visual journaling techniques to encourage a lasting, reflective practice.


Lezlie Laws is the director and founder of LifeArt Studio, offering workshops and private and group coaching for those wanting to enhance their capacities for living creatively and joyfully in a world fraught with challenges. Lezlie had a long and happy career as a teacher of writing at Rollins College, and now she blends her love of writing and her love of art into her workshops and coaching services.


Visitors: $45 per person
Members receive a 10% discount