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Winter Art Camp » ARTrageous Adventure!

December 20, 2019 @ 9:00am to January 6, 2020 @ 9:00am

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Winter Art Camp 2019-20

Go on an ARTrageous adventure at the Orlando Museum of Art! Each day journey through the galleries and explore textiles, paintings, sculptures, and more! Let your imagination run wild as you design two and three-dimensional works of art. Create artwork to reflect memories from 2019, while also making artwork to celebrate the New Year! Two sessions are available, one for students in grades 1-4 and another for students in grades 5-8.


December 20, 2019
December 23, 2019
December 26, 2019
December 27, 2019
December 30, 2019
January 2, 2020
January 3, 2020
January 6, 2020

Winter Art Camp – Grades 1-4

December 20, 23, and 26
Three Days – Three-Dimensional

For three days we will experience the process of creating new and original art using different mediums, tools, and vocabulary to explore clay, sculpture, and fiber arts. Each project will call for paints, papers, oil pastels, brushes, markers, and more! From small to big, expect to bring home three-dimensional art inspired by the sights and sounds found at the OMA! A different project will be offered each day. Come for one, or all three!

December 27 and 30
Two Days of Tales

Explore tall tales, short tales, and all kinds of stories in between during these two days of camp! What a fun time of year to spend two days, or just one, looking for the storytellers in art. From ancient days to contemporary ways, these two days will be filled with storytelling using shadow play, shadow puppets, 3-D puppets, paintings, clay relief story tiles, tunnel books, and more surprises! A different project will be offered each day. Come for one, or both!

January 2, 3, and 6
Mixing it Up with the Old and New

Take what’s old and make it new for 2020! Mixed media works with paper, fiber arts, and recycled objects. Expect to get hands on with mixed media works paper, fiber arts, recycled objects, sculpture building, clay making, and drawing. Learn about different paints and embellishments, and how to take old ideas and make them into new contemporary works of original art! A different project will be offered each day. Come for one, or all three!

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Winter Art Camp – Grades 5-8

December 20 - Pointillism!
We’re getting straight to the point on this day of camp! Explore the art of pointillism by using repetitive dots to create a work of art. Discover the “grid method,” as well as how to create light and shadow. View pieces in the galleries that were created using pointillism, while also learning about famous pointillists such as George Seurat.

December 23 - People and Tradition
Discover how people and their traditions can be portrayed in works of art through mediums such as sculpture, painting, and photography. Use felt and other embellishments to sew and create a figure that represents you! Learn about the culture of the Hopi Tribe and their tradition of creating Kachina Dolls. Reflect on a special occasion or celebration in your life and create your own Kachina doll using wood and other media.

December 26 - Collage Mask Making
Use a variety of materials to create your own unique mask! Find inspiration as you explore masks in the Museum’s Ancient American Collection, as well as African Collection. Create a mask collage using scrap fabric, paper, beads, and other assorted materials. Make use of the elements of art by applying shape, color, and line to your mask creation!

December 27 - Art of the Landscape
Explore the different landscapes that make up the United States of America! Become inspired by the Western landscapes of Thomas Moran and Georgia O’Keeffe, while also discovering the romantic scenery of the Hudson River School painters. Learn new techniques on how to create unique landscape scenes using charcoal, oil and chalk pastel, and watercolor!

December 30 - Tis the SEA-son!
Something smells fishy this winter SEA-son! Journey through the galleries and look for works of art that explore the sea. Cut, tear, and glue to create a seascape collage using paper and paint. Learn how to tint and shade while making your own sea scene!

January 2 - Artwork You Can’t RESIST!
Discover how to make fun, colorful artwork using wax resist techniques. Learn the ancient tradition of “batik,” a technique of applying wax resist on fabric which is then stained over using colorful dyes. Create your own batik inspired artwork using paper, wax crayons, and acrylic paint! Explore various techniques and tools in order to create intricate details, bold shapes, and abstract textures.

January 3 - Mixed Media Relief
Learn how to use papier-mâché, acrylic paint, and collage to create a relief landscape or seascape. Use newspaper to form mountains, paper towel rolls to create trees, and scrap paper to mold into rushing water. Cut out people, animals, or objects from magazines to add detail to your scenery!

January 6: The Art of Photomontage
Cut, glue, and create! Explore how to arrange, overlap, and combine photographs from magazines to create a work of art. Learn about the art movement known as “surrealism” and create a photomontage of a dreamscape or fantasy!

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9am-4pm (full-day class)

Daily Rate:
$45; $40 for Members

Enjoy All Seven Days at a Discounted Rate!
Visitors: $324
Museum Members: $288

Extended Day:
Early drop off (beginning at 8:00am): $5 per child, per day Late pick up (until 5:15pm): $5 per child, per day (an additional $1 per minute charge will be incurred for pick up later than 5:15pm).

Refunds are given less a $25 handling fee. Written notice two weeks prior to the class is required. No refunds are made after the classes have started.

For information, call (407) 896-4231, ext. 262.

Members, you will have to enter an access code to get your Member pricing. Please call 407.896.4231 ext. 221 or email to get your code.