OMA announces new goals, vision for its future in Central Florida

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ORLANDO, Florida – The Orlando Museum of Art has announced the completion of a one-year strategic planning process that examined the Museum’s history, its present standing, and where it should aspire to go as a 21st century cultural institution in service to the Central Florida community, Director and CEO Glen Gentele said at a press conference today [Tuesday, September 29].

As such, the Forward to 100 report formally adopted by the Orlando Museum of Art’s Board of Trustees two weeks ago suggest that OMA look to develop a new museum to serve the community, and that the target location of such an institution be in the urban core of Orlando.

To do so and understand the potential for such an initiative, the Orlando Museum of Art has entered into a development agreement with Tavistock Development Company. Tavistock will assist OMA with their technical and development expertise essential to accomplishing the goal set forth by OMA’s Board of Trustees.

“The agreement with Tavistock is a first step to creating a clear and comprehensive understanding of the possibilities for OMA, and how best we might get there,” Gentele explained.

“We are pleased to be working with Tavistock Development Company, and examining together the potential of the Orlando Museum of Art’s future,” added Ted Brown, Chairman of OMA’s Strategic Planning Committee. “With Tavistock’s assistance, we will be able to better understand and examine the potential for realizing this bold vision for the future.”

In adopting OMA’s “Forward to 100” plan [that focuses on the next nine years, leading to the Orlando Museum of Art’s 100th anniversary], the Board of Trustees also approved new mission, vision, purpose, and value statements.

MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of the Orlando Museum of Art is to inspire creativity, passion and intellectual curiosity by connecting people with art and new ideas.

VISION: The Orlando Museum of Art is to be a creative change agent for education and the center for artistic engagement, as well as a place for civic, cultural and economic development.

PURPOSE: The purpose of the Orlando Museum of Art is to interpret and present the most compelling art for the public to experience, and to positively affect people’s lives with innovative and inspiring education programs that will endure as a cultural legacy in Central Florida.

VALUES: In the furtherance of these ideas, OMA embraces and puts forth the following core values that are the measurement standard against which the activities of the Museum are to be gauged.

  • Focus on Impact
  • Flexibility and Resiliency
  • Boldness
  • Authenticity, Trust and Accessibility
  • Active Participation and Ownership

To see a video presentation of FORWARD TO 100 that highlights our strategic plan, please visit this YOUTUBE LINK >

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