The Resource Center

In partnership with the University of Central Florida, the Orlando Museum of Art is pleased to provide educational resources for educators, student and families at the Resource Center (TRC). UCF students have free use of TRC. Open Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm; Saturday by appointment. For more information, or to reserve resources, call the Education Department at 407.896.4231 ext. 262, or email

TRC offers resource trunks, learning kits, poster-size reproductions of art, books and videos related to the OMA’s Permanent Collections of American art, African art and Art of the Ancient Americas and previous temporary exhibitions to students, teachers and educational institutions throughout the Central Florida area. Any requests for a kit or trunk should be made at least one week in advance.

UCF Students
UCF students have free use of The Resource Center. Just bring your student ID or TRC membership card to enjoy the resources available in the TRC.

Exclusively For Educators
Please contact the Education department at 407.896.4231 ext. 262 for more information.

Exclusively For Schools
Purchase a TRC School Pass for $50 (good for one calendar year) and everyone in your school can take advantage of a variety of educational resources for free! (Excluding the West African Outreach Resource Trunk during the month of February)

Lesson plans and activities produced by the Orlando Museum of Art meet the requirements of National Standards for Visual Arts and the Florida Sunshine State Standards.

Reproductions, posters,videos and DVDs on various artists and themes from the TRC collection are available.

$4 for 10 school days

Trunks and Learning Kits

Outreach Resource Trunks
About the size of a small footlocker, each trunk focuses on a particular culture and features hands-on objects, videos, books, audiotapes and much more! A teacher resource notebook accompanies every trunk and provides background information and interdisciplinary activities. All activities meet the requirements of the Florida Sunshine State Standards. Outreach trunks are recommended for elementary and middle schools.

Rolling Rockwell
Explore 20th century American history through a trunk created for the exhibition American Chronicles: The Art of Norman Rockwell. This resource is filled with hands-on objects, reproductions, books and more. A teacher resource notebook provides background information, a PowerPoint presentation of images, interdisciplinary lesson plans with activities for social studies, language arts, and visual arts and ideas for fun!
$15 (handling fee) for 10 school days

West Africa
Find out about West Africa and its people.
$45 for 10 school days

Ancient Maya
Learn about the everyday life of the ancient Maya.
$45 for 10 school days

Ancient China
Explore the fascinating civilization of ancient China.
$45 for 10 school days

Learning Kits
About the size of a hand-held file box, these kits are wonderful resources for focused study in a particular area. A teacher resource notebook accompanies each kit and provides background information, interdisciplinary activities and much more! All activities meet the requirements of the Florida Sunshine State Standards.
$10 for 10 school days

American Portraits
Explore portraiture through paintings by James Peale, Robert Henri and Chuck Close, on display at the OMA. A PowerPoint with images is included. Recommended for elementary through high school grades.

Andy Warhol
Learn why the 1960s are famous for Pop art and Andy Warhol. Recommended for upper elementary through high school grades.

John James Audubon
Learn about John James Audubon and his passion for art and science as he painted birds of America. Highlighted is The Great Blue Heron (1834), included in the OMA’s permanent collection. Recommended for upper elementary through high school grades.

Diggin’ the Past
Explore the world of archaeology, both on land and sea. A special section highlights Florida archeological sites. Recommended for elementary through high school grades.

Maya Glyph Busters
Become archaeologists and uncover the secrets of the ancient Mayan language. Recommended for middle school and high school students.

Animals of the Ancient Americas
Discover animals of the pre-Columbian world. Recommended for pre-K through grade 2.

Picture Book Learning Kits
Each kit designed for our annual picture book exhibition is filled with hands-on activities that help your students explore the elements of line, shape and color, learn letters of the alphabet, practice sequencing and much more! Recommended for pre-K through Kindergarten.

Art Dog with the book by Thacher Hurd

Curious George with the book, Curious George Rides a Bike, by H.A. Rey

Eric Carle with the books, 10 Little Rubber Duckies and Mister Seahorse.

George Shrinks with the book by William Joyce

This is Our Land with the book, I’m a Manatee, written by John Lithgow and illustrated by Ard Hoyt

Art Backpacks to Go!
Easy learning kits to carry on your back! Each backpack provides a novel approach to its subject with lesson plans, books, videos, reproductions and other interactive materials.
$10 for 10 school days.

All About Monet
Visit Monet’s house at Giverny and learn the life of this great impressionist. Recommended for elementary through middle school grades.

M.C. Escher
Create a tessellation print based on Escher’s designs. Recommended for upper elementary through middle school grades.

The Art of the Ndebele People
Explore the people of the Ndebele’s sophisticated sense of geometric design in their beadwork and painted houses. Recommended for elementary grades.

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