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Members are the backbone of the Orlando Museum of Art and help OMA remain a cultural leader in Florida, stimulating creativity and intellectual curiosity and connecting people in the Central Florida community and beyond with compelling art and new ideas. Become an OMA Member to gain exclusive benefits.*  

Individual Membership: $65 

Benefits include: 

  • Unlimited free admission to the galleries year-round for one adult 

  • Invitations and free entry to member events and exhibition openings 
  • $5 off gallery admission for additional guests 

  • Discounts on education programming 

  • Discounts on merchandise from Shop OMA 

  • Free admission to 100+ Southeastern museums in the US with the Southeastern Reciprocal Membership (SERM)**

Seniors receive $10 off individual membership! (Age 60+) Sign up during your next visit to receive this discount.

Dual/Family Membership: $100  

  • All benefits included with the Individual/Senior Membership for two adults and up to four children


Support Art Education Programs and Exhibition Programming at OMA By joining at one of the following levels!

Contributing Membership: $150 

Supporting Membership: $250*** 
Sustaining Membership: $500***

Special discounts are also available for educators, students, OMA docents and Council 101 members, and SNAP/EBT cardholders.


Haven't received your membership card yet? No problem! You can still take advantage of your membership benefits! On your next visit to OMA, just provide your membership ID number or full name at our Visitor Information Services desk. You'll have free admission to the museum and discounts on Shop OMA merchandise. To take advantage of member savings on education programs prior to receiving your card, call 407.896.4231 ext 262 or email and provide your membership number.

If you have questions about our memberships, please contact Membership and Volunteer Coordinator at 407.896.4231 ext 229 or email

*Admission to Council of 101's Festival of Trees and Art in Bloom is not included with OMA membership. 

**Some restrictions may apply with reciprocal admission. Please check with the museum you plan to visit ahead of travel to ensure admission availability.
*** Supporting and Sustaining Memberships are fully tax-deductable.

Membership Levels

Individual - $65

Dual/Family - $100

Contributing* - $150

Supporting* - $250

Sustaining* - $500

*Includes NARM + ROAM Reciprocal Program: Admission to 1,000+ Museums and Annual Recognition on Website for Higher Level Memberships

Exclusive discounts available for Seniors, Educators, Students, SNAP & EBT.

For more information about membership, please contact our Membership Department at 407.896.4231 (ex. 229) or

Membership Recognition

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A. William Forness

Adam Oppenheimer

Aimee Kakos

Allison Choate

Amelia McLeod*

Andrew McPherson

Andrew Snyder*

Andy Pargh

Anthony and Jann Massey

April Walker

Bank of America - Central Florida          

Ben and Laura Subin

Betty Case

Beverly Bidwell

Bickley Wilson


Bradley Lacore

Brian Price

Carl Beers

Carl Croft

Carla Hays

Carolyn and Charles Bethel

Carolyn Fennell*

Carolyn Gentile

Carolyn Martin

Chase Heavener*

Cynthia Brumback*

Cynthia Tomlinson

David and Lyn Berelsman

Derek Blakeslee

Diane Jacobsen

Donna Huey

Dustin Becker*

Earl Crittenden, Jr.*

Eaton Vance Water Oak Advisors          

Edward Herbst

Edward Manning

Fredel and James Goodrich

Frederick and Dona Tannler

Gary Monroe

Gayley and Louis Lauteria

George and Leslie Andreae

H. E. Gross

Hardy Vaughn

Harry Falk

Hyatt Regency Orlando 

Insurance Office of America      

Irene Ward

Jacqueline Brown

James and Terry Mahaffey

James Hair

Jan and Daisy*Staniszkis

Jeffrey Adler

Jeffrey and Caroline Blydenburgh*

Joan Ruffier

Jocelyn Deprez

Jodie Hardman

Joel Huey

John and Katie Lehr

John Crossman

John Martinez*

John Shahinian

Joseph and Ginger Vetter

Joseph Warren

Judy Albertson

Julie Walbroel

Kathryn Ustler

Kathy Cardwell*

Kelly McFall

Lance Walker*

Laverne Herzog

Leslie Hardy

Lisa Sidhu

Little Diversified Architectural Consulting          

Luder Whitlock

M. Elizabeth Brothers

Mabel Salazar-Wolland

Madison Gay

Mall at Millenia

Manuel Garcia

Marc Katzen

Maria Saterbo

Mark and Jennifer* O'Mara

Martin Andersen-Gracia Andersen Foundation  

Michael Kakos

Michael* and Gail Winn

Myrna Canin

Nancy Lewis

Nancy Sedacca

Nancy* and Jonathan Wolf

Neil and Francine* Newberg

Nicholas St. George

Patricia Vig

Patrick Christiansen

Patrick T. Christiansen  

Patrick  Knipe*

Paul Collins

Paul Oppedisano

Paul Perkins*

Paula Stuart

Phyllis Goodblatt

Publix Super Markets Charities 

R. J. Santomassino

Randolph Fields

Rena Langley        

Richard Kessler

Robert Stine

Robert  Summers*

Rod Sweet

Ronald  Oppenheim

Sam Flax Art & Design Supplies 

Seretta Construction, Inc.         

Shari Bartz*

Sheila Greenspoon

Shelley Lake

Shyla and Stephen Reich

Sibille Pritchard*

Stephen Goldman

Susan Day

Susan Hamilton

Suzanne Wilson

T. Picton Warlow

Ted* and Ruthanne Brown

Tedford Eidson

Teresa Borcheck

The Bond Foundation, Inc.        

Theodora Venema

Thomas Warlow

Thomas Elrod

Toni Jennings

Valeria Robinson-Baker*

W. Hays

William and Jane Oatway

William Brown

William Lynch

William Wilson

Winifred Sharp*

Yolanda Abuabara-Tappen

Zakir Odhwani


*= Board of Trustee

Sustaining Members

Andrew McGowen

Barbara Lynch

Celia Anderson-Hayes

Charles and Cindy Walbroel

Gary and Barbara Sorensen

Kathleen Lee

Keith Thomas

Lisa Burrell

Manuel and Gerry Garcia

Richard Lee

Robert and Helen Cairns

Robert Bendick

Roney Rowland

Sumanth Neelam

Warren Shaw

Supporting Members

Albert and Cheryl Bogdanovites

Antonio and Ginger Arias

Brandon Williams

Cherie Wells

Christine Donovan

Christopher Scocco

Daniel Bachrach

Deborah Clancy

Ellwood Whitchurch

Emma Fritz-Chong

Forrest White

Frank Comparetti

Gary and Monica Chmielewski

Harold and Claire Schmidt

Henry and Elizabeth Jewett

Jeffrey Cohen and Luci Belnick

Joel Nickols

John Amein

John Struck

Kathy Cressey

Lynne and Daniel Bachrach

Margaret Hickson

Mark Cooper

Milton Soto

Nancy Austin and Louis Korahais

Peggy and Allen Amos

Ruth McClure

Scott Brun

Sobani Warner

Susan Kuhn

Contributing Members

Abi Bell

Abigail Robinson

Adrianus and Maria Tucciarone Leerdam

Alan Rodriguez

Alan Satter

Alex Adams

Alex Keller

Alfonso Rodriguez

Alice Mary McMahon

Alison Madrid

Allen Johnson

Alyx Kaczuwka and William Gordon

Amanda Harris

Andrea Elukovich and Dem Ardinger

Angela Robbins

Angelina Fletcher

Anlin Feng

Ann Hicks Murrah

Ann Myers

Anne Grady

Antonio Macedo and Regina Maluta

Arthur Thompson

Ashley Boreland

Barbara Barati

Barbara Martin

Barry and Susan McNair

Barry Baker

Beatrice Miranda

Beatriz Andrekovich

Benjamin Van Beusekom and Ryan Carver

Bennett and Mary Lou Herring

Bertha Cherny

Beth Davis

Bethany Lang

Betty Forbes

Betty Reid

Brad Mundt

Brian Crimmins

Brian Morris

Bruce Wiley

Carla Fischer and Grady Crawford

Carol Platt

Carol Vincenti

Carrie Lewis

Cassidie Allhoff

Catherine Conduitte

Cecilia Medina

Ceme and Jim Curley

Charles and Paula Keogh

Charles Simpson

Charles Sloan

Charles Wainman

Chris and Douglas Gearity

Christa  Santos

Christine and Hans Bucheli

Christopher Hart

Cicero Greathouse

Cindy Friederich

Cirilo Martinez

Claudia Schippert

Clydia and Eugene Vaughn

Colin Byrne and Roberto Rodriguez

Craig and Marimar Blazejewski

Cyndy Sineni

Dario and Alana Ayala

David and Amy Carovillano

David and Nora Kay Francis

David and Tanya Rezak

David Lane

David Simon

David Walton

Dean Grandin Jr.

Debbie and Alan Mitchell

Debbie Glaser

Debbie Pusateri

Deborah Cohen

Deborah Mullis

Dennis and Linda Welcher

Dennis and Susan Winter

Dennis Berry

Diana and Jason Reigelsperger

Donald Gould

Donald MacLean

Dorothy Charron

Douglas Bowdoin

Douglas Ransdell

Dovel Moore

Earl Crittenden

Ed and Dana Dougherty

Ediana Gomez

Edmund Hampden

Edwin Suarez AND Nancy Medrano de Suarez

Edythe Riesinger

Eileen Graf

Elizabeth Klonoff and Kristi Alexander

Elizabeth Phillips and Terry Rogers

Elizabeth Winchester

Ellen Kristensen and Kate Crain

Elsier Lepak

Enrique Ortiz

Eric Elton

Eric Hornbacher

Eva Krzewinski

Frank and Patsy Kruppenbacher

Fred and Gabrielle Milch

Frederick and Jean Raffa

Fritz Stinebaugh

G. Charles Wohlust and Judith Sanborn

Gary Berkson

Gary Miller

Geoffrey Gross

George and Catherine Kuhns

George and Cynthia White

Gerard and Diane Rescek

Gina and Estee Howard

Glenn Blaser

Greg Naugle

Greg Presnell and Cecelia Bonifay

Gregory Iffla

Gwendolynn Shivers and Ben Slayton

Hall Tyon

Hans Kairies

Harry Rein

Heather Badawi John

Heidi Pribell

Hillary and Gay Geiger

Holly Phelps

I.S.K. Reeves

Idamarie Dover

Jack Scott

Jackie McLean

Jacob Melnick

Jacob Stanton

Jaime and Gabriela Corzo

Jake White

James and Regina Holland

James Armstrong

James Chung and Joung Yun Lee

James Lussier and Nancy Jacobson

James O'Sullivan


Jason Chepenik

Jasper Holland, III and Stephen Boyer

Jay Decker

Jay Tyne

Jeanne Curran

Jeff Nickel

Jeffrey Williford

JeKaren Olaoya

Jennifer Birmingham

Jennifer Williams and James Yannucci

Jeremy McAnally

Jesse Centola

Jim Paddack

Jimmy and Barbara Yarbrough

Joanne Merrill

Joe Beiro

Joe Martin

John and Coralee Mcinerney

John and Kathryn Stewart

John and Michelle Hines

John Baker

John Custis

John Ruffier

Joseph Kollar

Joseph Russo

Joseph White

Juan Garzaro and Maria Prieto

Julia Walsh

Julian Henao

Julie Bowen

Karen Jorge and Carlos Cisneros

Karen Ramberg

Karin Johns

Kathryn  Austin

Katie Fisher

Kelly Cohen and Scott Lloyd

Kenneth Bonamour

Kenneth Hierman and Pieter Snyman

Kenneth Ng

Kenneth Thomas

Kristine Moses

Larry Glover and Lyzette SanGermain

Larry Roofner

Laura Blaser

Lawrence Hughes

Leah and Andrew Van Zelm

Lee Beekman and Jada Marzolf-Beekman

Leslie Temmen

Lezlie Laws

Linda McKee

Linda Veiga

Lisa and Mike McQuaid

Lisa Hendren

Lisa Lesperance

Lisa Reyes

Lisa Rollison

Louise Manry

Lyzette SanGermain and Larry Glover

Mandy Emery

Marcia Tabak and Ed Webman

Marian Green

Marjorie Heidorn

Mark and Donna Sherry

Mark and Jessica Lange

Mark Halek

Mark Inglert

Mark Metivier

Mark Pulliam and Judy St. Peter

Marsee Perkins

Martha Gass

Mary Ann Ross

Mary Emmons

Mary Palmer

Mason Turner abd Rebecca-Ann Weinstock

Matthew Kanuck

Meghan McCollum

Meredith Cook

Merrill Sinert

Michael and Cynthia Cohen

Michael and Diane Levine

Michael Otocki

Michael Saca

Mitchell Levin

Nathan and Molly Hendriksen

Nathan Kieper

Nedda Zometa

Neel Patel

Nichols John Willaim and Richard Calangelo

Nick Gissal

Nickenson and Madeline Dumercy

Pamela Greening

Patra Stanley

Patricia and Jack Beville

Patricia Byron

Patricia Whitaker

Patrick and Nicole Sheehy

Paul and Barbara Grossman

Paul and Denis Davis

Paul Meunier

Peggy Crosby

Pete and Julie Hendriksen

Peter and Rebecca Gulden

Peter Cherry

Phil Burnstine

Philip Kurschner

Phillip Haney

Phyllis and Richard Levine

Pieter Snyman

Qurentia Throm

R. Keith Sigmon

Ramon Martinez-Collazo

Raymond and Amy Mulesky

Rebecca and David McClure

Rebecca Hosoda

Rene Graney, Jr.

Renee Deveney

Richard and Dale Van Gelder

Richard and Jeanne Jaffe

Richard and Patricia Grant

Richard Barnes and Dana Williams

Richard Kessler

Richard Leedy

Robert Culton

Robert Gamson

Robert Garcia and Donna LaSala

Robert McTyre

Robert Melanson

Robert Sorensen

Robert Stuart

Robyn Weinbaum

Roger Gatlin

Roger Welch

Rolando Sanz-Guerrero

Ron Hirsch and Betty Reid

Rory Trumbore and Chere Force

Roseann Harrington

Sam Weber

Samuel Goldfield

Samuel Hope

Sandy Bitman

Sara Haj Ali Akbari

Sarah McClane

Sarah Taitt

Scott and Karn Mallwitz

Scott Armstrong

Sean Marks and Tarlika Navarro

Shari Yudenfreund-Sujka and Stan Sujka

Skye Winter

Spencer Freeman

Stacy Tanner

Stephen Van Nosdall

Steven and Kimberly Lee

Stuart Maclean and Tansey Soderstrom

Sue Foreman

Susan Filebark

Susan Lee

Susan Wujastyk

Tamera Savallisch and Stacie Kelly

Tennyson Mun

Teresa Ramon

Theresa Grodi-Kennon

Theresa Johnston

Thomas and Jane Lane

Thomas and Janene Scelza

Thomas and Linda Zedick

Thomas and Nancy Lahey

Thomas and Gail Colman

Thomas Collin

Thomas Morehouse

Thomas Pax

Tim and Ruth Goad

Tom and Lynn Ronan

Tommy and Holly Jefferies

Tony Curry

Tracy Hinote

Vincent and Miriam Furey

Virginia Partain

Virginia Poe

Wayne  Sakaske

William Shuman

Ylanna Shaffer

Zachariah Perez

Zachary Alfson and Bryan Henley

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