Diversity and Inclusion Pledge

OM°A will educate itself on the history of systemic racism in art education, artist support and recognition, art exhibition, and the museum community and the barriers it continues to present today.

OM°A will identify, support, and collaborate with specific nonprofits and other partner organizations who work in marginalized and vulnerable communities, seeking knowledge on how to effectively take action in pursuing real diversity, equity, and inclusion in education programming, art exhibition, and museum membership.

OM°A will create opportunities for sessions to listen to those affected and marginalized by these barriers to learn how we can help and be most effective.

OM°A will use its influence and position to amplify unheard voices and endorse policies that lead to racial justice and opportunities for all.

OM°A will remove barriers, diversify its talent pool, and create upward mobility employment opportunities.

OM°A will conduct regular assessments designed to capture and track our progress towards a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive community.

Featured image: Installation detail of the exhibition Voices and Conversations: Expressions of Individuality and Community in Contemporary Art from the Orlando Museum of Art Collection.
(Foreground) Nick Cave, Soundsuit, 2011, ceramic birds and figures, metal flowers, gramophone, wig, beads, metal armature, appliqued, knitted and crocheted fabric on mannequin, 112 ½ x 58 x 47 ½ in. Purchased with funds provided by the Acquisition Trust, 2012. 03. © Nick Cave.; (Background): Kerry James Marshall, Untitled, 1999, woodcut on paper, edition ¾, 96 x 48 in. Purchased with funds provided by the Acquisition Trust, 2000.12.a-l. © Jack Shainman Gallery.

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